President’s Message

Dear cousin,

We had an amazing 2018 summer and a successful and busy general meeting in August in Orford city in the beautiful Eastern Townships. We visited and discovered lots of good products made with lavender. We visited a museum and tasted excellent wines at Cep d'Argent, a great Quebec vineyard of which we are all proud! It's always nice to meet at least once a year between Lemieux from all over North America.
In September, four representatives of our association, Rolland, Céline, Angélique and I had a great dream, that of walking in the footsteps of our ancestors Lemieux in Canteloup in the beautiful region of Normandy in France. It was a unique genealogical experience and many memories will remain engraved in our memories!
We were warmly welcomed by the Lemieux des Vieux-Pays Association for two beautiful days. It was a great   reunion  between the Lemieux of America and France. Thanks to the Lemieux of France for making us discover so well the country of our ancestors Lemieux, historic places full of history and especially extraordinary people and without forgetting the tasting of your Norman dishes, our Norman culinary experience has largely exceeded all our expectations!
Georgette Lemieux-Dubaere and Jacques Dubaere retired on the Board of Directors after more than 20 years. I want to thank them warmly for their great involvement. Georgette's unconditional passion for the history of the Lemieux has contributed to the vitality of the Association to this day and will continue to exist through our members and future generations who will be interested in the history of their ancestors Lemieux, thanks to you two!
We welcomed two new members to our Board of Directors for a two-year term: Welcome to Pierre Lemieux & Thérèse Lemieux!
I also announce to you that the Association now has a project dedicated to Lemieux DNA on the FamilyTreeDna platform. All Lemieux who have tested or are going to test their genetic DNA will be grouped in this project. This also represents the ancestral Signature of the Lemieux of America and in a few months, there will also be the ancestral signature of the Lemieux of France.
Remember, you can offer a gift certificate of a one-year subscription to your children, brothers, sisters, and cousins. You are all welcome to our association.
As you know, since January 2018 we have changed the operation of the membership fees for our association. You will find included in this edition the form for the renewal of your contribution, which is now done every January.
Thank you for your valuable collaboration and your interest for the Lemieux Association and your great pride to belong to the patronym "Lemieux".
You are welcome to send us an article to publish in the Newsletter "La Mieuserie", a story, a historical fact of a known Lemieux in your area or one of your ancestors. You can also send us your Norman recipe to discover and taste.
I wish you a good reading of La Mieuserie and wish you an Happy New Year 2019.
Do not forget to renew your membership to receive our 100th Newsletter, it will be a special Edition! Do not miss!!!

François Lemieux