President’s Message

Hello Dear Cousin,

We had a very nice general assembly last August, Trois-Rivières is really a city rich in history and landscape. We visited the historic site of the Forges du Saint-Maurice, the Old Prison of Trois-Rivières, cruised on the Fleuve Saint-Laurent, but above all, share and   enjoyed good time in excellent company!

This year, we are organizing a trip to France in the land of our ancestors Lemieux. We are in communication with our French cousins of the Lemieux de France Association. They are very excited to meet us in their part of the country, Normandy. Those who are interested in discovering Normandy with us, Now is the time to register, you can complete the form and submit your 1st deposit before January 23, 2018.

This year, there will be a small change for memberships, this new process will be easier and more economical for our Association. As you know, the price of stamps has gone up a lot. In your bulletin La Mieuserie of the month of December there will be a form to   complete and return to us with your check. Thank you for your cooperation.

Feel free to share your Newsletter with your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and your children. This will show them that there is an association of Lemieux and that they are welcome to become members to keep and evolve our Lemieux heritage.

We are preparing a new series of articles entitled: "Genealogical Capsule", the Capsule No1 will be published in the next newsletter, this new project will make you   discover in more detail the history of the Lemieux and will make you travel to the country of your ancestor Lemieux through the past and future centuries!

We have created a $20 "1-Year Membership “Gift-Certificate” that you can gift to a family member. It's available on our website:

I wish you a very Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2018.

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François Lemieux