The Mission

Our Mission

  • Promote a sense of pride of our Lemieux heritage.
  • Share our findings about our ancestry.
  • Trace the presence of our Lemieux cousins in America.
  • Use and enrich the genealogical findings inherited from Father Wilfrid Lemieux.
  • Favor family ties through gatherings such as the annual General Meeting, regional meetings, and other activities.
  • Recruit as many active members as possible to ensure the vitality of the Association.
  • Instill in the rising generations a desire to learn about our history and our roots.

Some achievements

  • The publication of a quarterly newsletter "La Mieuserie".
  • In August of 1984 a great gathering in Québec City; over a thousand Lemieux celebrated the 341st anniversary of the arrival of our ancestors in America.
  • Adoption of a crest: the Coat of Arms of the "Sieur Henri De Mieux".
  • Adoption of a Family Flag.
  • Our association is proud to have been instrumental in the founding of "La Fédération des Familles-Souches Québécoises".